Slurp is a coffee service that aims to elevate your life with amazing coffee experiences that match your individual preferences. Our promise to you is to provide you with the ultimate coffee experience in the easiest way possible. In practice that means we collaborate with the most talented small roasters from Germany and around the globe to pick and choose the highest quality micro batch coffees and provide you with unique high quality experiences. To ensure the best possible taste, all coffees are shipped straight after roasting directly to your mailbox or workplace. Delicious, easy and unique!

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Our Story

Coffee is loved and consumed in heaps all around the world. In fact, it’s one of the most exchanged commodities in the world. However, coffee culture and offering have looked similar for a long time. With a warming climate, diminishing farmlands and unsustainable over-use of global resources, we felt it’s time for disruption.


Our curiosity took us away from gold-rimmed cups and traditional selections. We wanted our coffee to be ethical, delicious and easy to get. Roaster by roaster, bean by bean, we realized what we want is already out there. We realised we could bring ethical, one-of-a-kind coffee to everyone who was looking for more.

We started our journey as Slurp in 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. We came together with a shared vision of the coffee company of the future. We all had our own different paths up until that point, but we all wanted to make the world more sustainable and enjoy better quality. What we found at the time was surprising: coffee could be so much more than what we thought it could be — just in Finland there were already a large variety of skilled roasters with high-quality coffee. But it was so hard to get. We realised that, if you get a chance to taste the quality and flavour that is out there, you would never want to go back to the same old. After all, that is what happened to us!

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