SLURP Autumn 2021



Embark with us on a journey around the world of coffee flavours and save 30%!

Ready for an exciting journey through the world of coffee flavours this autumn? With SLURP you can discover the best coffees out there, always selected for you based on your preferences and shipped right to your mailbox. For each delivery we choose a new and exciting coffee from one of our partner roasters.

Next stop: decaf!

⭐ Only until 24.10.
⭐ Flavour nuances of nuts and chocolate, simply without caffeine
-30% off your first order of new ongoing subscriptions for SLURP decaf
⭐ Code: DECAF21

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And always get new types of coffee from carefully selected roasters, which you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Personalise your subscription

Choose quantity and frequency of delivery, just as you need it - and we'll take care of the rest. Whole beans or perfectly ground for your favourite brewing method?

Enjoy your coffee experience

All coffees come freshly roasted directly from the roasteries to your mailbox. You can make changes and adjustments or pause the subscription at any time.
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