What recipe should I use for brewing my coffee?

Just got yourself a new brewing equipment or machine, but not really sure how to brew that delicious coffee? Or need some inspiration for your next coffee break? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Our brewing guide for better coffee at home contains the basic recipes for different brewing methods out there. Whether you enjoy brewing a filter coffee nice and slowly or love a quick and easy espresso at home. Our goal is to provide you with simple tips and tricks to start or improve your coffee experience.

There are so many different ways to make delicious coffee. However, all of these various brewing methods can be divided into three main categories: immersion, percolation and espresso.

Immersion brewing is a method where coffee grounds and water are mixed together and left to brew for a while. A good example of immersion brewing is the classical French Press. Percolation brewing is a method where hot water is slowly dripped through a bed of coffee, like the Pour Over Technique with V60. Espresso brewing means basically using a machine that creates a high pressure and forms a crema on the top of your coffee. The best results are of course to be obtained with an espresso machine.

All of these brewing methods include various different equipment that you can use for making that perfect cup of coffee, but sometimes finding a good recipe to start with can be really helpful. This series of articles is all about offering an easy guide to start brewing that perfect cup of coffee whatever equipment you have at home.

Our brewing recipes for making better coffee at home:

Happy brewing!!