The ABC to better coffee contains:

Buy Coffee Online? Delivered to Mail Slot?

Buy coffee online? Grocery stores seem to have a choice beyond compare, but the coffees they sell have some fundamental issues with quality and freshness. Maybe you have an artisan roaster near you or a local cafe that also sells coffee beans. But…. online? Can you get high-quality coffee online?

This is actually the reason why Slurp was founded. Online, you could get everything but a large selection of high-quality artisan coffees delivered home. We have created a service that makes buying coffee online easier than ever before.

Freshly roasted artisan coffees straight to your post box

You have two options on how you can buy our coffees:

  1. You can tailor a unique coffee subscription for yourself. You will regularly receive a surprise coffee based on your preferences. More about this below.
  2. You can purchase a coffee subscription as a gift.

Slurp coffee subscription

As a Slurp subscriber, you will receive a package of artisan coffee selected with care every two or four weeks. This is how it works:

  1. Tell your own flavour preferences. Every coffee is a surprise, that is based on your flavour preferences.
  2. Fresh from the roastery. The coffee is shipped fresh from the roastery.
  3. Fits in your mailbox or mail slot. No pick ups or hassle.

Slurp enables forgetting bulk produced coffee and enjoying high-quality coffee as easily as possible. Our goal is to make high quality and traceable coffee available for everyone. This is a modern answer to the question posed in the title. You CAN get good coffee online! 🙂