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SLURP decaf

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Finnish roasters know that top quality in coffee beans is the key to excellent coffee, even without caffeine.

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Personalise your coffee experience by choosing the preferred roast, quantity, delivery interval and whether you want your coffee as whole beans or ground for your favourite method of preparation.

You can also order any of our coffee experiences as a gift or for a set period of time.

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Medium/DarkThis is for you, if you like your coffee with rich mouthfeel and a hint of dark chocolate flavor.
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SLURP decaf

What to expect
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Inka Paahtimo, Lehmus Roastery & 15+ other top roasters from Finland.

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The best decaf coffees with excellent flavours from the top roasters in Finland.

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Freshly roasted coffees always from a different roaster.

How it works

A new experience with each coffee

Set your preferences and get ready for an adventure. With our coffee services, you'll always get to enjoy a new, freshly roasted coffee that matches your taste.

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Select the roast level. This is the most important choice, as it sets the flavour profile for your journey.

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Customise the coffee experience to your own needs. Amongst other things, you can select the quantity, frequency and grind or beans.

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Start receiving amazing, freshly roasted coffees straight to your mailbox. Each time a new and unique coffee and always from a different roaster.

Featured roasters

Discover Finland's top artisan roasters

Finns are among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world, so they know what they're talking about.

Pure love for excellent coffee and attention to detail straight into your cup – all the way from the land of the Midnight Sun, thousand lakes and passionate coffee drinkers.

Holmen Coffee

Holmen Coffee


Inka Paahtimo


Kahiwa Coffee Roasters

Kaffa Roastery

Kaffa Roastery

Lehmus Roastery


Lehmus Roastery


Paahtimo Papu


Pirkanmaan Paahtimo


Roger’s Coffee

We know it's not easy to find good decaf coffees as are not many options available — especially when you want higher quality and more sustainable coffee. That's why we created SLURP decaf for you.

With this service, you'll easily get the best decaf coffees from the top roasters in Finland. SLURP decaf takes you to a delightful journey of well-sourced, passionately roasted high quality coffee. Excellent flavours, simply without caffeine. This service works for all coffee lovers who want to enjoy coffee without the kick.

Roast levels offer a variation from light-medium to dark roasts. The caffeine is removed through natural processes.

Satisfaction guarantee.

You can modify and cancel your subscription any time.
What's more, if you’re not happy with the coffee, the next one is on us.

Join thousands of like-minded coffee drinkers enjoying better coffee

With the community of thousands of loyal customers we are able to support small independent roasters. This way, they get to focus all their attention on making the best coffee possible.


You customise your personalised coffee subscription.


We curate a selection of the most interesting and exciting coffees from artisan roasters.


The coffees are freshly roasted to order and shipped straight from the roaster (no warehouses).


You enjoy delicious, fresh and sustainable coffees - always. Don't forget to Slurp!