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SLURP Flavour Profiles

The SLURP coffee experience offers the right coffee subscription for every taste.

It may sound surprising to many, but coffee is characterized by a complex world of aromas that is even more diverse than in wine. More than 800 different aromas ensure that good and ideally roasted coffee offers a varied taste experience.


Speciality coffees from our partner roasters can taste of tropical fruits, honey, chocolate or jasmine, for example. You don't have to be able to recognize and name all nuances and subtleties to enjoy high-quality coffee. What is really important is that the coffee is always freshly roasted and corresponds exactly to your taste preferences, thus representing a real treat for your palate. With a little practice, you will be able to detect the clear differences.

With four essential taste profiles, we ensure that you are guaranteed to find the right coffee for you: Light, Medium, Dark or Decaf. For specialists in search of extremely rare coffees, we also offer the SLURP rare subscription.

Fruity nuances and floral notes

You'll like this, if you enjoy fruity and acidic flavours. Coffees with this roast present light and fresh flavours. Nuances of berries, fruits and citrus. The taste varies from citrusy to fruity and sweet. Lightly brewed some of the varieties can get even tea-like qualities and intoxicating scents.

SLURP Medium
Nuances of chocolate, nuts and ripe fruit

This is for you, if you like nuances of nuts, milk chocolate and caramel-like sweetness. Coffees with this roast share qualities of low acidity and soft and rich flavours. Flavour nuances vary between nutty and milk-chocolaty to brown sugar and ripe fruits.

Intense taste of dark chocolate with soft roasty aromas

If you like that roasty, sweet taste of coffee, this is for you. Dark chocolate, caramel and soft roastiness: all coffees with dark roast are bold and full-bodied. Typical roasty flavours are dark chocolate, nuts and dark caramel. Aromas of brown sugar, spices and smokiness.

Full taste, zero caffeine

This coffee subscription offers high-quality decaffeinated Arabica varieties with a clear taste profile. A medium or dark roast provides full-bodied aromas with a light roasty note. The caffeine is removed using natural methods.

SLURP rare
Extremely rare and exquisite

SLURP rare is an exclusive subscription that gives access to extremely rare and exquisite coffees. The coffees are characterised by experimental processing methods and exceptionally complex taste profiles. SLURP rare offers you award-winning speciality coffees for that very special coffee moment at home. Roasted in Stockholm, delivered fresh worldwide.

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