The ABC to better coffee contains:

Grinding Coffee

Grinding coffee is an unavoidable step between roasting and brewing coffee. Coffee cannot be prepared from whole coffee beans.

The rule of thumb with brewing coffee is, the fresher the coffee (both in regards to grind and roast) the better the taste. The moment the coffee has been ground, the flavours begin to disappear (especially when talking about espresso). So if you want your coffee full of flavour, we suggest you invest in a coffee grinder for your own kitchen as well. Grinding coffee yourself is worth it.

How to grind coffee for a specific brewing method

The speed that the coffee drips through the filter, is affected by the grind level or coarseness of the coffee. If the coffee is too coarse, the water will drip too fast and the coffee will be flavourless and thin. On the other hand, if the coffee has been ground too fine, the water won’t come through at all. This is why it is important to know what grind level you need.

The most coarse levels are required for pan coffee, french press and while making cold brew. Medium coarse grinds are good for normal filtered coffee and the finest grinds are perfect for espresso. From Slurp, you can always choose whatever coarseness you need.

I would like to grind coffee myself – what kind of grinder should I get?

Let’s look at two types manual and electric. Electric grinders a bit pricier but grind faster. Manual grinder takes up more of your own stamina (if you always brew a full pot, manual grinding can be quite taxing). The coffee grinder should also be specifically a grinding one rather than a shredding one because a shredding grinder makes for an irregular grind.