What would life be without amazing coffee?

SLURP turns your coffee moment into a coffee experience

Enjoy really good, freshly roasted coffee - delivered directly to your mailbox. The unique SLURP coffee subscription allows you to try out new types of coffee again and again, always matching your personal preferences. For each delivery we choose a new and exciting coffee from one of our partner roasters.

⭐ Adaptable at any time
⭐ Can be cancelled at any time
⭐ Supports sustainable coffee production

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Choose your favourite roast level

And always get new types of coffee from carefully selected roasters, which you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Personalise your subscription

Choose quantity and frequency of delivery, just as you need it - and we'll take care of the rest. Whole beans or perfectly ground for your favourite brewing method?

Enjoy your coffee experience

All coffees come freshly roasted directly from the roasteries to your mailbox. You can make changes and adjustments or pause the subscription at any time.
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SLURP stands for high-quality and sustainable coffee


How do you like your coffee? Do you prefer full-bodied aromas or are you more of a fan of fruity nuances? Do you prefer it to whole beans or ground? Coarse enough for a french press or extra fine for an espresso with a nice crema? Light or dark roast? Two or four cups a day?

SLURP promises you nothing less than the ultimate coffee experience: an exciting journey through the world of specialty coffee. For all those who appreciate exquisite coffee and can't get enough of it. But also for all those who want to broaden their horizons in coffee in the long term.

To ensure the best possible taste, the high-quality and sustainably produced coffee specialities are only roasted to order especially for you and then delivered directly from the coffee roasters to your home every 2 or 4 weeks.

Together we are changing the world cup by cup for the better.

Create your coffee experience