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Learn about your coffees journey from farm to cup, different varieties and what transparency means in specialty coffee.

ABC to coffee

Our ABC to Better Coffee is a compact coffee course that covers the most important topics about how to make coffee the right way. The guide is free and starts with this article.

Coffee Varieties

Coffee varieties are divided to two main varieties: Arabica and Robusta. These are further divided into multiple varieties and different coffees taste completely different based on the growth conditions of the coffee.

Coffee processing

Coffee processing stands for the process of removing the pulp from around the coffee bean. Once coffee berries have been cultivated and picked, they are processed.

Transparency in coffee production

Transparent and ethically and ecologically sustainable coffee production is a major subject when speaking of specialty coffee. But what does it mean in practice?

Brewing guides for better coffee at home

Just got yourself a new AeroPress, V60 or French Press and looking for an easy recipe to start with? Or maybe you just need a new idea to brew yourself delicious coffee? Check out our tips and tricks for brewing with different brewing methods.

SLURP turns your coffee moment into a coffee experience

Enjoy really good, freshly roasted coffee - delivered directly to your mailbox. The unique SLURP coffee subscription allows you to try out new types of coffee again and again, always matching your personal preferences. For each delivery we choose a new and exciting coffee from one of our partner roasters.

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