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This is for you, if you like nuances of nuts, milk chocolate and caramel-like sweetness.

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This is for you, if you like nuances of nuts and milk chocolate. A medium-roasted coffee that has both the fruitiness of coffee cherries and the fragrant aroma of coffee roasted with different and exciting techniques. The flavours and aromas of milk chocolate and nuts can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
SLURP premium

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Golpie Coffee, Coffee County, ROKUMEI COffee & 10+ other top roasters from Japan.

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Premium quality specialty coffees for those who demand the best in their every day.

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Freshly roasted coffees always from a different roaster.

A unique collection from Japan’s best artisan roasters.

Coffees with this roast share qualities of low acidity and soft and rich flavours. Flavour nuances vary between nutty and milk-chocolaty to brown sugar and ripe fruits.

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With the community of thousands of loyal customers we are able to support small independent roasters. This way, they get to focus all their attention on making the best coffee possible.


You customise your personalised coffee subscription.


We curate a selection of the most interesting and exciting coffees from artisan roasters.


The coffees are freshly roasted to order and shipped straight from the roaster (no warehouses).


You enjoy delicious, fresh and sustainable coffees - always. Don't forget to Slurp!